A soccer app that fans will love
A soccer app that fans will love



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A mobile app for the most popular sport in the world is hardly a novel idea. The soccer app market is saturated with thousands of apps available, many of which have earned extremely good ratings and positive reviews. To avoid becoming "yet another soccer app", SoccerNow has to provide a unique selling points compared to those in the market.
Soccer fans use mobile apps to get updated scores and news everyday. For these kinds of app, user experience are far more important than first impression. Our UX process has to focus on information architect and user experience research.
With more than 450 leagues, 1000 news articles per day, 10.000 teams, 100.000 players and 400.000 game events, the amount of data that need to be stored and processed is not trivial. On the other hand, the app needs to update soccer scores every few seconds to provide a real-time experience. On top of that, during soccer matches, users will open the app at the same time whenever there is a an event like a goal, SoccerNow must be ready to scale and support millions of potential users visiting the app at the same time.
A soccer app that fans will love



Smart News

Our Secret Recipe

Provide an unique experience based on customer's interest. Users choose their favorite team, matches and leagues to follow. User choose to receive push notification when their teams score, receive red cards, or when their followed matches starts or ends.
To compete with other apps, SoccerNow also serves news to users. News are aggregated from more than 20 sources and categorised into soccer teams using Machine Learning. We also use social signals to assess article's popularity to prioritize more popular news.
Elixir & Erlang is our secret recipe to make SoccerNow stands out in term of performance. The language is made famous by Whatsapp, who use Erlang to serve 2 million users per server. Elixir & Erlang allow SoccerNow server to run hundreds of processes to update scores & news in the background while responding to thousands of users within tens of milliseconds.


  • Mobile Development
  • API Development
  • Machine Learning
  • UI & UX Design


  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • React Native
  • Postgresql
  • Figma


More than 40000 download.
#1 football highlight app on the US and UK Play store.
Positive reviews from users all over the world.